Nothing happens because it doesn’t serve their interests.

Where I’m from shouldn’t determine how I’m treated.

Am I free? Freedom comes from trust and I don’t trust politics.

We’ve had this system for a long time. It doesn’t work.

I can’t help because I have no power.

They listen but don’t provide solutions.

So we’re starting again.

We’re throwing out the old system and giving you a new one. How? By taking money out of politics, making representatives accountable and the truth accessible. Who are we? We’re mothers, brothers, friends. Bus drivers and CEOs.

We’re You.

We arm you with facts.
Turn your voice into action.
Make the system incorruptible.

No more career politicians.
No corporate donations.
No spin.

Here's how.

Here's how.


MiVote makes the truth accessible. Our app arms you with the facts on policies affecting you and your community—no bias, spin or money from media moguls. You decide.

MiVote takes the money out of politics. Use the app to vote on big issues. Armed with facts you drive how policy is formed. Your reps form policy based on the community’s wants, representing what you voted on—not the one lobbyists pay for.

MiVote makes representatives accountable. Bound by our constitution your representative must fight for you and vote with the people’s wishes. If they don’t, they’re out. We won’t tolerate liars, party ideologies or backroom deals.

They say it can’t be done. We love a challenge.

They say it can’t be done.
We love a challenge.

Critics said educational institutions wouldn’t take us seriously. Now we are speaking with Stanford, Columbia, RMIT, Swinburne—and more to come.

Doubters said respected organisations wouldn’t listen. Now we’re talking to the United Nations, World Wildlife Foundation and The Foundation for Young Australians.

Only you can make MiVote work.

Because we don’t take money for favours.

Or interest groups. Or lobbyists. Or corporate donors. And we never will. We need individual donations.

Your donation will help us grow MiVote, get the word out, deliver the facts and fund MiVote-powered representatives so they can fight for you. For a system that works for the people. For those who’ve had enough and want better. MiVote is all of us. True democracy. No bullshit.

Let’s make history.

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