About MiVote

MiVote is a human-powered, tech-assisted movement founded on unbiased research and making politics accountable to the 100%. It’s also a global not-for-profit bound by a constitution — to ensure we do what we say we do.

What is MiVote?

In its simplest form, MiVote is three things:

  1. The distribution of free, unbiased research on the issues that matter to us.
  2. A secure app that helps us take action on those issues, by voting on them and ensuring they remain tamper-proof.
  3. Representation at a government level. Not by politicians, but community members chosen by you. These ‘MiVote-Powered Independents’ are bound to the majority position voted on by community members who use the app.

1. MiVote’s Research

MiVote places informed change at your fingertips.

The content we present is free of political interference. It’s also free to anyone who invests the time to read it.

The research that underpins the content offers a variety of perspectives on major issues debated by government. It’s unbiased, independently-vetted and unpacked into digestible “policy frames” for members to vote based on merits and consequences. It is composed of:

Finally, it‘s distilled into tasty morsels for voters.

2. Voting with MiVote

With newfound knowledge, the MiVote app weaponises your decisions. The app can run on any device with an internet connection.

Votes submitted with the app define the position of our movement on policy debate in government. Unlike political parties, we don’t take a position until a member majority (over 60%) votes it in.

Each vote is tracked to an individual, verifiable human who is eligible to vote. The identity of each voter is anonymous and the results are protected by the blockchain and incorruptible.

3. Genuine representation for all of us

MiVote-Powered Independents are in direct communication with their respective community, ensuring that the people's will is represented on all levels; from issue votes, polls on budget spending and suggested policy frames.

These representatives are bound to the majority vote by our constitution on every issue, every time.

With a majority vote cast on policy direction, MiVote-powered representatives in government address all matters related to it with a clear position reflecting the member vote.

For example, if legislation on asylum seekers came up in government, MiVote members could vote to take humanitarian, economically pragmatic, national security or global responsibility approach. Whatever the outcome of the vote, MiVote-powered representatives adhere to the majority and guarantee true representaion.

No backroom deals. No lobbyists. No corporate donations to sway policy. No more career politicians.

Why it will work

Democracy and politics haven’t worked in the interest of the people for some time. We’ve created a system that changes that. Read about:

Our policy framework (PDF) / Our governance framework (PDF) / Our constitution (PDF)

Sensationalism and ‘fake news’ divide us and stifle informed debate

In modern politics, complex policy positions are reduced to marketing slogans with facts replaced by selective data analysis. Our unbiased research mitigates the ‘fake news’ effect. Balanced information, sourced globally and vetted by independent third parties, helps frame policy issues for members. Informing members through frames is crucial to genuine representation of the will of the people. We take out the political jargon so it’s easy to inform yourself on the pros and cons of every frame on every issue.

People don’t trust vote results or think their voice is heard at government level

MiVote's voting and candidate process is completely transparent. All information that leads to policy formation is accessible. Our only agenda is to enact the informed will of the people. We don’t accept corporate donations, so there’s no opportunity for vested interest groups to sway decision-making.

Every vote has equal weight and when a majority is reached, you can see the direct results your vote has in forming legislation. We’re not just talk—we take action.

Your local changemakers are the MiVote-Powered Independents who represent you in government. Anyone eligible to run for office can be nominated to speak for their community. No career politicians or party puppets.

The MiVote app uses blockchain technology to secure votes and verify every member is an eligible voter, whilst protecting their identity and anonymity. With a constitution in place every MiVote-powered representative is then bound to that vote.

We’re making strides

Our advocates believe this is a great system—and leaps and bounds above the current one. But we recognise it’s not perfect. The more voices to make us accountable, the better MiVote becomes.

There are 23 countries we’re in discussions with. Six of these have MiVote-Powered Independents preparing to run for office in 2018, including Australia, the USA and Europe.

We’re working with acclaimed institutions

MiVote has been six years in the making. In that time it has been criticised, dissected and put back together again by the greatest minds in the political space. Former prime ministers, premiers, leading academics, philosophers and political minds have scrutinised our constitution and have confidence and believe in our vision.

Why we started MiVote

We want to give anyone of legal voting age the technology to influence actual change within their communities. MiVote not only gives us a chance to make change through an informed vote, but also puts us in a position to represent our community.

Who started MiVote?

We’ve had many conversations with people fed up with the trajectory of modern-day politics. The one that started MiVote began like most do—in the back of a pub, over a beer.

Every one of us believes the current political system has outlived its usefulness and is no longer able to act in the best interest of all citizens.

And those beer drinkers?
Adam Jacoby—Founder & Chief Steward
Dr Richard Hames—Founder
Hamish Hughes—Founder